Why We Succeed for Our Clients

  • Access Receivables focuses on specific areas of business where we have a high level of expertise and an outstanding record of collection success. We hire smart people with outgoing, positive personalities who cultivate an environment of support and trust with their debtor customers.

    In an industry that often seems affixed to the past, we strive to innovate, continually researching more effective ways of improving collections while streamlining the process for both debtors and our clients.

    The right people make a tremendous difference

    We invest three times more in collection and administrative payroll expense than the industry average.

    More thorough follow-through on every account

    We invest 83 cents per revenue dollar in collection expenses versus the industry average of 50 cents.

    That pays of for Access Receivables and for our clients

    Our higher recoveries result in a net profit percentage three times higher than the industry average. And our average recovery rate from 2009 – 2011 is 33% higher for our clients than the average in our size category.

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