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    Access Receivables

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     9 reviews

    by Pam McRae on Access Receivables

    Dealing with Debt Collectors is hard and embarrassing except when dealing with Access Receivable. My account rep is extremely nice and willing to accommodate any changes to my payment schedule if she can. She has never made me feel less than or that I am being judged for having an account with them. Thanks (name withheld) and Access Receivable for treating people like human beings.

    by Amanda L. Sage on Access Receivables
    Nice when it mattered most

    No one likes dealing with debt collectors, but it matters SO MUCH how the collection company treats you. My representative, was persistent in his calling (as he needed to be – I’m realistic) but he was always very kind and understanding. He made it painless and by the end I didn’t feel like I was talking with a debt collector. This made such a difference, and I appreciate it!

    by JB on Access Receivables
    Huge integrity!!!

    Collector was amazing! We ended up qualifying for a much reduced amount owed to (Client Name) He shared that information with us and now your account is paid in full. You guys a 50 cuts above and a real class act. Thank you!

    by Anonymous on Access Receivables

    Your Supervisor took charge of the situation, went the extra mile and ensured that my issue was resolved. she was kind, respectful and clearly a master of what she does. she brings excellence to your company.

    by Marlon Boykin on Access Receivables
    Telecom Company

    Access provides excellent service. I would recommend them to anyone that has collection needs.

    -Marlon Boykin MJS Communications

    by Mary Ann Marrero on Access Receivables
    Business Operations Manager

    whycreditmatters.net is an awesome website. It’s a sign of how much is needed in these days of financial crisis and economic uncertainty.—Mary Ann Marrero, Time Warner Business Class

    by Anonymous on Access Receivables
    Commercial Lines Insurance

    Access Receivables has greatly enhanced our company’s Collections department. Since the beginning of 2006 when we began using their services. We have nothing but praise for ACCESS and their team.

    by Anonymous on Access Receivables

    This University serves over 30,000 students at over 40 forty campuses which creates a challenging environment for any collections firm. ACCESS has surpassed both the performance of other firms and the goals we set at the outset of the relationship. Moreover, the level of responsiveness and communication is more then we could have hoped for. We have rewarded this strong performance and relationship management with additional business and expect to provide ACCESS with more business in the future. We cannot think of a more transparent seal of approval.

    by Lynn Dillis on Access Receivables
    Practice Manager

    I have totally enjoyed working with ACCESS Receivables. The staff members are very professional and accessible. They handle difficult situations well. I would highly recommend ACCESS Receivables. – Lynn Dillis

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