“I have totally enjoyed working with ACCESS Receivables.  The staff members are very professional and accessible.  They handle difficult situations well.  I would highly recommend ACCESS.”

Anonymous client 


ACCESS has the experience, expertise, technology and work plan to achieve and exceed the goals for clients across a wide spectrum of industries.  Our collectors are highly trained and intimately know their clients making them effective in their ability to break-down the balance for the customer.

Our goal is to create a win-win and preserve the potential for future business.


Government sector opportunities require a myriad of requirements including substantial regulatory compliance. ACCESS is a Federal GSA contractor. We have contracts with numerous state, city and county governments throughout the US in collecting taxes, fines, workers compensation, student tuition debt and miscellaneous receivables. Our staff has extensive experience assimilating the Statement of Work (SOW) that defines expectations, delivery dates and requirements across all departments to ensure compliance.

General Commercial

Commercial clients require a busy savvy approach as today’s delinquent business can be tomorrow’s new customer. In a traditional commercial collection approach, the agency or creditor either collects the balance or litigates the debt within 90 days. Although this model once worked well, it doesn’t bode well for the ever-changing dynamics of the business to business space. Companies and agencies that develop a caring and consultative approach with their customers in good times and bad can anticipate problems in advance and prevent some catastrophic losses. ACCESS has proven that a less litigious and professional approach returns higher percentages while maintain the goodwill in the client-customer relationship.

Higher Education

ACCESS opened its doors with one higher education client that remains an ACCESS client today. Colleges & Universities trust ACCESS as their business partner to manage their student receivables including Tuition & fees, Nursing loans, Federal Perkins Loans, Institutional loans, Parking violations, etc.

Our dedicated higher education staff are fully trained to handle tuition accounts and student loans.  they understand the nuances in collecting higher education accounts.

Financial Literacy site:

ACCESS also offers a dedicated financial literacy site, www.whycreditmatters.net to educate students on the various options they have in servicing their educational debt.  Here students will find a separate tab entitled Student Loan Debt with important information for student debtors from which they can learn how to manage their student debt with information about alternate payment plans, graduated repayment options, income sensitive repayment, deferment, forbearance and more.

Early Term Contract Collections

Whether the issue is SaaS, technology services or any other type of business subscription model, Access Receivables has a dedicated and experienced department to handle these unique situations. 

Typically, early termination or improper cancellation can cause a lack of contract fulfillment.  Further, there may also be charges for goods or services unrelated to a subscription for actual usage or purchase.    

We make it our business to know the terms and conditions of your contracts as well as the nuance that might be associated with your offerings.  Our trained staff can effectively address those issues with your customer to educate them on what they agreed to and then motivate the debtor to pay the amounts that are legally owed under your agreements as well as any other charges supplemental to the contract.     

HR Related Receivables

Collecting amounts owed from present and former employees can be a challenging and sensitive task. The ACCESS Nice People Collect More™ approach is the solution to recover the various types of unique receivables that can plague a Human Resources, Payroll and/or Benefit department in a large company. ACCESS represents some of the largest of the Fortune 50 in designing an HR Recovery Program for these receivables which can include:

  • Payroll overpayments
  • Benefit overpayments
  • Relocations allowances
  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Unauthorized corporate credit card expenses
  • Unauthorized travel expenses
  • Company loans

HR departments in large organizations can depend on ACCESS to recover these types of receivables without damaging the company’s reputation in the process. The ACCESS Nice People Collect More™ approach is a preferred method for HR professionals because of its white glove approach and proven effectiveness. We don’t want the outstanding receivable to be the center of your human resource meetings. Focus on your staff and new talent. Let us focus on your recoveries. Our highly specialized professionals educate and motivate the employee to resolve the debt for a win-win solution.

Commercial Lines Insurance

ACCESS has been dedicated to the insurance industry since its founding in 1999. Furthermore, our founders have been specialists in providing solutions to the insurance industry since 1980. Our first client was, and continues to be, a major insurance carrier. We specialize in the collections of commercial lines accounts including:

  • Earned Premium Audits
  • Estimated Audits
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Claims
  • Deductibles
  • Bonds
  • Specialty Lines
  • Retros

Our commercial insurance division is staffed with experts that handle each account from start to finish. They are excellent communicators and business professionals that are well versed on the nuances surrounding insurance. Most collection accounts placed by insurance carriers emanate from small businesses many of whom have economic ebbs and flows of their business. ACCESS also has a full-service legal department to manage accounts through the legal process effectively.

Group Healthcare

Access Receivables has been providing solutions to group healthcare practices for  over twenty years.  Our ‘Nice People Collect More” approach is a fundamental part of how we resolve healthcare debt without complaints.

90% of all collection agencies only collect healthcare debts.  90% of the have less than 20 employees.  Access is in the other 10% category.  We are a national company.  If your debtor moves anywhere in the country, we can help.  Companies that only service   healthcare tend to focus on large hospitals.  That can mean that smaller clients get poor service or inexperienced collection staff.  Our focus is on you.  We are expert at self-pay elective procedures and balances after insurance.  We do not offer insurance billing.  if you need that, we are not for you.  We focus on the hard work of recovery.  We specialize in things like skip tracing, methodical follow-up, multi-channel communication and resolving debts.

If you are looking for someone who can serve you well on actual collections and not just run your file through a few phone calls and letters, Access is the company for you.


10 Biggest Myths About Telecom Collections

  1. All customers understand their telecommunications bill
  2. Customers always read and understand the contract they sign.
  3. The sale’s person never promises something they can’t deliver.
  4. All customers understand telephony and how to size their needs properly.
  5. Customers are never mean spirited when they are faced with the realities of their discontinued service.
  6. Collection agencies don’t need a special approach to handle telecom accounts. They’re just like every other bill.
  7. Collectors can be successful most of the time without contracts and invoices.
  8. Customers enjoy paying early termination fees.
  9. Customers always have receipts for returned equipment.
  10. The new phone vendor always takes care of everything.
  11. Companies don’t need to segment their commercial and residential accounts.

Clearly, these myths are exactly that, myths. ACCESS successfully represents telecommunication companies in the resolution of highly disputed debts arising from contract disputes. Whether the bill is for service usage, early termination fees, equipment and/or damage claims, ACCESS collection professionals can help the debtor to understand their liability by explaining the contract and negotiating successfully from a position of strength. This area of collection is one of the most challenging because talk times need to be higher, debtors need to vent, documentation is imperative and the delinquent customers are usually hostile.


Companies enter into a contract with a transportation/logistics company for their recurring shipping needs which results in multiple invoices, sometime upwards of hundreds of invoices.  This can make collecting their account difficult.  ACCESS collection representatives understand the dynamics of this type of receivable and are able to work through the multitude of invoices with each customer, assist them where credits should be applied, disputes on shipments and obtain payment from the customer.