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    Our campus-based newsletters are designed to bring you, our campus based clients, information that you can use.

    We plan to cover issues that are relevant to our industry while focusing on things that effect how we do our jobs. In the years to come if you have any thing that you would like us to research and cover in a future issue, please let us know and we will do our best to answer questions and offer information that you can incorporate on your campus.

    “The Quarterly Access” will be published four (4) times a year and we hope that it becomes a source of useable information for you and others at your campus. Please feel free to pass this and every issue on to colleagues, staff or friends at other schools. You may copy and use any article, for as we stated, this is for YOU!

    In addition to information about our industry and changes in laws that apply to what we do we plan to keep you up to date on happenings at ACCESS RECEIVABLES. You will read about changes and innovations and conferences and meetings from around the country.

    Our newsletters will be followed up with a presentation on topics relevant to the campus based staff. Join us on February 19th to discuss Best Practices. Simply contact Pam Long at via email here.

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    ACCESS Receivables is a certified Woman Owned Business that has specifically been serving Campus Based Clients in Higher Education since 1999. We have chosen to remain focused in this area and our experienced management team is driven to develop the best means to help your students resolve their financial obligations and return to the campus to continue their education or as proud alumni.


    The goal of a third party agency is to preserve the relationship of the educational institution and their student while collecting the debt. Our “Nice People Collect More” approach helps ensure this occurs. We realize when we’re collecting the university funds, speed is important but so is understanding the debtor’s situation. We use a process in collecting that has been developed over the years to maximize recoveries for our school clients that also maintains the relationship with the future alumni. We are “the” agency that receives testimonials instead of complaints. Visit our “What Do Our Debtors Think” tab to read them.


    Being first doesn’t mean you’re right – being copied does. We are proud to say that Access gets copied more than any agency we know of. Here’s an example of how we lead:

    1. First client web portal 1999
    2. First Debtor payment site 2000
    3. First Avatar based Virtual Agent (Patent Pending) – 2008
    4. First proven “consultative” approach to collections – (Nice People Collect More) 2011
    5. First Online Chat – 2012
    6. First to offer Smart Phone Tags on collection letters – 2012

    Being the first agency to offer a client web portal and secure online payment site for their debtors means our clients have secure view of all of their accounts via the web. This site is linked to our host system thus providing clients with the ability to view the actual notes on each account placed with our company and more. In addition to traditional payment methods, debtors have the options of communicating with us via live chat or self-resolving their account with our Virtual Agent online 24/7/365.


    In order to recover the highest possible percentage over time while leaving your relationship intact with your student, we employ highly skilled collection counselors, dedicated training and continually invest in ongoing education in regulatory & compliance training in higher education. Additionally, we maintain a consulting relationship with former campus based management so that we receive constant feedback and guidance from the unique Campus Based need perspective.

    We will perform all functions in accordance with the rules, regulations & provisions of higher education lending that govern our business including:

    • Health Professions Student Loans (HPSL)
    • Primary Care Loans (PCL)
    • Nursing Student Loans (NSL)
    • Loans for Disadvantage Students (LDS)
    • Federal Perkins Loans
    • Institutional Loans
    • Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and all laws (State and Federal) pertaining to Tuition and Fees

    We follow the regulations, guidelines and have specific processes of collecting for education clients including:

    • Reducing Cohort default – We understand the importance of Cohort and for those institutions that refer Cohort accounts to us, we work with them to make sure that we bring these borrowers into repayment or have the correct deferment or forbearance applied.
    • Bankruptcy law and its application in the education industry
    • ABC’s of tuition debt collection
    • And school-specific information that govern:
      • Institutional monies
      • Deferment and entitlements
      • Perkins rehabilitation
      • Consolidation
      • Legal filing requirements
      • Other process as well as dispute procedures

    To ensure we are abreast of ongoing changes in the industry, our Management Team monitors:

    • IFAP (Information for Financial Aid Professionals)
    • Various List Serves so we know what is on the mind of our Campus based clients
    • ACA International for up to date information on all collection and bankruptcy laws

    ACCESS offers a proven management team, innovative technology, the highest ranked skip tracing capabilities, exceptional staff and a painstaking approach. These factors have propelled ACCESS to be the best performing vendor for many educational institutions in the past and will for YOUR campus in the future. Call Pam Long at 1-877-276-8600 to get all the details!

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