Business Continuity Amidst COVID-19

ACCESS Receivables Management is fully functional and can provide our current and new clients with our full menu of services. The company is fully staffed and has over 95% of its collectors, administrative and other department personnel working from home. The only cases where we have associates in our office today is for government clients who will not allow remote workers due to sensitive information. This is considered essential services by the State of Maryland. We fully implemented our remote plans on March 20, 2020 with our associates are utilizing company issued laptops, headsets and more. None of our associates use personal equipment. Full security and compliance measures are in place during this challenging time including:

  • WatchGuard VPN access with 2 factor identification
  • Additional usernames and passwords required at 2 separate levels
  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Departmental huddles 2 x per day
  • All payments processed and posted within 24 hours except mail-in payments
  • Mail-in payments are processed and posted within 48 hours

We have not missed an incoming call or a payment since the start of this pandemic. Further, we still utilize our dialing technology, our Virtual Agent ZOEY and secure payment portals remotely.

Our Nice People Collect More™ Approach

Our Covid-19 procedures start with a compassionate question, “How are you doing”? In cases where the consumer and/or business owner is affected in any way, we discuss numerous options. Our collection staff has been fully trained on new Federal lending programs. We also recommend that business owners contact their individual state and county government websites to apply for grants and emergency loans. In the case of PPP, we explain the proposed uses of the money beyond payroll such as rent, utilities (including telecom), certain business insurance and more. We set up temporary payment plans in some cases where the debtor may be having substantial difficulties and/or we revisit them periodically based on expected funding periods. For consumers we explain the federal initiatives to supplement unemployment and discuss stimulus monies where appropriate.

We continue to be highly successful in obtaining our clients goals by relying on our corporate mission, Nice People Collect More™.