About Access Receivables


    ACCESS was established in 1999 with an ongoing mission to offer a new kind of collections approach that utilizes evolving communication technologies and strong people skills to maximize returns while creating an agent/debtor relationship that is redefining the industry. Our philosophy pre-dates the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) efforts since our inception.


    Our goal as a collection partner is to preserve the relationship of the client and their customer while collecting the debt.  “Nice People Collect More™” ensures this occurs.   We are just as customer-centric as our clients; our customer is your customer.  We patiently work with each debtor to help them resolve their debt resulting in our being “the” agency that receives testimonials instead of complaints.  Visit our “What Do Our Debtors Think” tab on our website at: https://access-receivables.com/what-our-debtors-think/.


    We believe that to collect from delinquent customers, we need to connect with delinquent customers.  ACCESS is a leader in combining expert collection techniques with modern methods of communication.  These include:

    • Smart phone tags on written communication
    • Mobile apps
    • Developing www.whycreditmatters.net
    • Educating the delinquent customer
    • And the first ever Virtual Agent – http://www.askzoey.com
    • Zoey 2.0 – Our virtual knowledgebase representative.

    These unique innovations do not collect bills in and of themselves.  They are however, powerful tools that help to increase recoveries in an ever-changing economy that needs continual innovation.


    Our team is consistently focused on being a true partner with our clients.  We believe that a good agency relationship requires a partnership with the client that goes beyond the signing of the contract.  We work with our clients, month in and month out, to achieve their corporate goals for recoveries, customer service and retention.  Our client focus has resulted in our ability to maintain our client base for the long term and become the sole vendor for many.


        • More than 400 clients located across the United States
        • Complete in-house operations – no overseas or contracted agents
        • MBE Certified as a minority-owned business’
        • Millions of accounts served
        • SSAE 16 Certified
        • High level data security

    Innovation Leader in the Collection Industry

    Primary Areas of Business

                • Commercial Business to Business Debt
                • State, County and Local Governments
                • Tax Collection, Parking Violations, Real Estate, Miscellaneous
                • Insurance Collections
                • Transportation and Shipping
                • HR Related Recoveries for Fortune 100 Companies
                • Commercial Telecommunications and cable
                • Large National Medical Clients

    Client “Bill-of-Rights”                          

        • We will work every account to the highest standard
        • We will follow up consistently after the sale
        • You will receive all remittances on time and all funds will be kept in client trust accounts
        • We will never co-mingle funds
        • We will treat your delinquent customers with respect and professionalism
        • We will invest additional resources in skip tracing, legal and experienced staff
        • We will not bother your internal staff with constant requests
        • We will always look for new ways to improve upon our result


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