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Access Receivables is pleased to announce its’ avatar “Zoey” has been busy helping customers in a whole new way.  Zoey is our online agent that enables our customers to resolve their account 24/7/365.  For people who prefer to self-resolve, she can provide payment plans, dispute options and of course take a payment.  We recently rolled out Zoey 2.0 by adding Concierge from Beguided.  Beguided’s Concierge product has a complete knowledge base which can handle thousands of questions answers and topics.  Our knowledge base includes qestions regarding types of debt, specific clients, debt questions in general, instructions on disputing accounts, payment information and more.  In the first 30 days of testing, Zoey 2.0 answered over 1,500 individual questions successfully and had a 75% approval rating.  What debt collector has a 75% approval rating?  In addition, people got a successful answer to 80% of their questions without calling our office.  Subsequently, they can log in to to resolve their account.  Tom Gillespie, Access President stated, “Zoey 2.0 is the natural extension of Zoey.  Now she can explain details and answer questions before you explore payment options.  So far we have seen a 43% increase in payments and a 30% increase in logins as a result of the concierge product”.  Pam long VP of Marketing said, “ZOEY 2.0 is another example of our mission of Nice People Collect More.  We want to provide any and all information to the debtor to pay their obligation without fear or anxiety”.  Rae Lockard, VP of Operations added, “Zoey 2.0 is a great way to resolve your account online.  Over 35% of our logins are on mobile devices”.  The Concierge product was developed by Beguided for Access on the Living Actor database.  In months to come the company stated it will further develop Zoey 2.0 as it learns using machine learning to continually improve its’ responses.  For more information contact